OK Reserved - Theft of car hire deposit by OKReserved

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I see OK Reserved has the nerve to post on this site telling people to contact them directly before posting complaints. I have done that 25 time via email and phone since 2010 and have had no response or refund of the deposits you took for booking two cars in 2010 !! and now you dont have a phone contact anymore as you probably have so many unhappy customers, actually customers is the wrong word as that implies you provide a service rather than a website that steals peoples deposits !

If you are thinking of hiring a car, DO NOT USE OK RESERVED, it is a ***.

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I am going through this post and thinking of it’s theme and trying to understand what is this post about. At last I can have found something from this post which feels pretty good.

OK RESERVED is an online scam - DONT USE!

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Like many of the other complaints about OK reserved, I have been chasing a refund for a car hire deposit for over 6 months. The car I hired and paid a deposit for, never actually existed at that price it appears, despite taking my money and sending me a confirmation. The 'call centre' was one person who seemd used to getting complaints and just said she would make a note on the system, and the one email address I had never responded.

They have since changed their website to be a car hire search engine, but I imagine the service and dishonesty of the original site would be the same, and I notice that they dont have a contact number now as they couldnt be bothered speaking to people they have stolen deposits from.

Do not use this service / website, use Holiday Auto or another reputable site instead, and if anyone knows where this dodgy business is based please let me know as I would love to visit them.

John McNally

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Ok Reserved is a travel *** - DO NOT USE !

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I booked 2 cars with OK Reserved in June 2010 securing the reservation with 2 deposits, only to be informaed they didnt actually have any cars at that price, and would I like a more expensive car rental or a refund. I requested a refund that I still have not recieved after 8 months.

Having looked at so many other consumer complaints I realised this is a dodgy business that makes money from deposits for non existant cars and then refuses to refund consumers.

Do not use this company, the Ok reserved help emails adresses dont work and their 'help' line phone numbers are never answered.

I use Holiday Autos now having learnt my lesson.

I will continue to warn people about this company until their website is taken down.

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OK Reserved - Www.okreserved.com

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This company ask for a deposit for car rental before they even can guarantee that the car is available. I have try to rent a car at this company but one day later they cancel the order because the company in the country I wanted to rent the car had no cars available. However they have my deposit for the order, and as they self have mention that they will refund the deposit, after many emails they still haven't refund the money to my creditcard. The only possibility is now to ask for refund because of illegal charge my creditcard.

be warn not to us this company they have the money and you have no car

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OK Reserved - Confirmed payment for car rental, did not provide car

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We had a very bad experience trying to rent a car through "okreserved.com"

The reservation process involves first submitting the reservation.The company then sends a confirmation of receipt of your payment and thanking you for your reservation.

Sounds as if the process is complete? But no, they advise you that you will receive a voucher, usually within 30 minutes but if you are reserving at a busy time or over the weekend there maybe a delay sending the voucher. Nowhere does it say or even suggest that the transaction is not complete- after all they've accepted payment! We made a reservation, we were travelling in remote locations with limited access to e-mails.

We received the confirmation of payment and it was only on the day we were expecting to pick-up the car, in London, that we realised we did not have the rental voucher. We followed the link to the "okreserved" website that should have allowed us to check the status of the reservation. The link didn't work. We called the contact number and went through to an answerphone.

Unbelievable! The entire process was a nightmare.

I strongly advise you not use this company.If this is the service on reservation I'd hate to think what would happen if you needed help with the car!!

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Like many other UK consumers, OK Reserved took my deposit, but when they couldnt actually provide a car at the rates they advertised, promised a full refund, which still hasnt materialised, they dont return calls or emails.

This is a didgy business - avoid and use Holidayautos.com


This company are definitely scamming.I tried twice to book a car with them for a holiday in Portugal.

Both times they were unable to provide a car yet both times they automatically took a deposit of £167.40. In 6 months of constant telephoning (to date over 100 calls) I have only received one of the refunds although I was constantly told that both have been paid.

Not so, says my bank!The one refund took 3 months to be returned.

It is impossible to get beyond the call centre operative to speak to anyone in authority and now they don't even answer the telephone.There has been no reply on this number since before Xmas.


Don't even think about using them.They are rip of merchants!

I booked car hire with them for Portugal for 2-weeks hire at the end of July and the day before we travelled they cancelled the booking because they couldn't provide a car. Guess what?

The deposit refund they promised still hasn't been paid and it's now October, despite numerous calls and e-mails to their so called customer service team.They keep saying I will receive a refund shortly.


Got to say I have used OKreserved about 5 times now and I have never had a problem with them, great customer service, although their phones are usually very busy.

Did book one car with them for Solmar and I have to say I understand why OKreserved will not use Solmar any more

OKreserved Great Service, Great prices Well done to the staff at Okreserved


Yes I also had a similiar experience.They took a deposit but were not able to supply any car at the price they were quoting.

I eventually got hold of them on the phone (after trying about 10 times!) and they promised to refund my deposit. It's now been 6 weeks and despite numerous e-mails and telphone calls I have yet to get it back.

I am reporting them to Trading Standard in Essex as they are not a reputable company!DO NOT USE THEM!!!


I have used OKreserved three times now and i can honestly say I have never had any problems. As far as I am concerned I will be using them again, they have a very simple process and if you read what is said on the website you dont have any problems

Well done OKreserved

to Martin Shaw London, England, United Kingdom #644845

How long have you worked for OK Reserved ? Do they actually pay you every month or do they take the money and run ?


I paid for the car and did not get it.After two weeks, they told my booking was being cancelled and that I would get my money in two months max.

I wrote them saying that I wanted my money as fast as they had taken mine and they said finantial department didnt depend on them. They also told me that they dont like to scam their consumers but I still have not my money. Now I wrote them and they dont even answer me back.

I just got into their page and they give cars for 5 euros a day which is really unbelievable.Also, theres no way to write on their page, thats why they have so many incredible as im sure theyve written them.


Had my confirmation for car hire for one week at 184 euros when got to spain was told by the car hire company ( who I have used before with other bookings by different company on internet) that the price was not right and that they could not give me car for so little and had to pay 270 euros for the car or have no car for the week. I paid and tried to ring ok reserved - no answer - rang on my return to england and was told they would pass on to their legal department 3 weeks later I have heard nothing!! I also will never use them again and would like to warn others to be careful of OK Reserved.


Had almost the same experienced when booked a car from OKReserved.com.I booked a car about a week before the pick-up date at Heathrow Airport.

24 hours after submitting my booking, the status still on request. I cancelled the booking and the system acknowledged the cancellation. However, just 2 days prior to the pick-up date, the status shown accepted and the voucher was ready for printing.

This was very unacceptable as they still process with the reservation even though the booking was cancelled and accepted by their system.

Never book anything from them again.The booking fee was non-refundable.

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